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do a benefit for crimes victims. please remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone, on saturday, march 26. a big thing we are talking about today, the middle east, on fire with anti-government protests ripping across the region. president obama says the u.s. is actually ratcheting down involvement in libya but, still, no plans for dealing with muammar qaddafi. >> wake up. air traffic controller falls asleep on the job. if you have not heard putting lives at risk but instead of fixing that problem the f.a.a. changes the rules and another bureaucratic coverup? we report.
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you decide. >>clayton: and an idea to cut the deficit. tax how far you drive. a government official thinks that should be used against you. like a little old lady would not be taxed as much as briggs. could a mileage tax be on the way? muammar qaddafi -- >>dave: i am a train guy! >> it's "fox and friends" right now. >>dave: everyone, good saturday morning, heather is here this morning with us. >> great to have you. >> >>clayton: we need a vat of coffee for heather. >>dave: this is the one person on the planet and this is late for her because she usually anchors at 4:30 in the morning, so this is sleeping in. sleeping in. >>clayton: and now, the news
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we are following overnight because if violence continuing to rip through the muslim world, and a number of people shot overnight, 17 people shot in syria, bringing the death toll now over the weekend to 38 people. look at this map because this is where this violence is occurring. it shows you in yemen, not only in syria, saudi arabia, egypt, still violence there, and libya, of course. >> where does this go next? how did the united states respond? we set a precedence when president obama saying we are going to address libya, what happens next? do we go into the next country? >>dave: people criticize the u.s. forgetting involved in libya when it poses no directs threat to the united states and yep and syria, as clayton mentioned, are massacring people over there, and, then, these are two countries that could give way to al qaeda leadership, probably pose a bigger direct threat to the united states than
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does the situation in libya. do we intervene in those countries next. >> what does this to to our military? our military is so taxed with so man things, what if something huge crops up elsewhere? >>clayton: the success still in charge, make no mistake, it is u.s. military jets doing the around-the-clock patrols and president obama, of course, on monday, is beginning to address the nation, and yesterday in the "wall street journal," he should have given this speech already, from not from the oval office to address the issue? he will do that on monday night. >>dave: she predicted what will happen and now he will, perhaps, shed light on why we are in libya and how long we will be in libya, and what is the under game? does muammar qaddafi have to be removed from power for this to
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be successful? a lot of questions the american people have. >> and he is the new poll, 45 percent of those polls say the u.s. should not get involved in conflicts similar to the one in libya. how about that? another issue out there is, will america be convinced when the president brings this to america, will he be able to convince folks this is the right thing to do? >> a big concern in the headlines across the pains this week, what is thend game? where to we get out? what is the end game? and president obama telling lawmakers on the phone yesterday, that, look, our roll in libya is starting to ratchet down and there is in call for any sort of assassination attempt by the u.s. government against muammar qaddafi, that it is purely a military operation to degrade his air force, the radar towers and to protect the citizens. that's the goal. we are ratcheting down.
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>> the united states would have to officially declare war to take him out. >>dave: that will not happen. that is in the going to happen. we did not assassinate world leaders. does our posturing make the united states look weak? general weighed in on that last night on "the factor." >> there is a growing perception that the united states has a weak president and, clearly, some of his actions in libya just recently have magnified that with the question, should we go? should we not go? and making the policy statement that deaf should go as a matter of u.s. policy and putting in play a military operation that is so limited that it denies us the capacity to destroy his military which would lead to his removal. i think they look at that and they say weakness and in decisiveness.
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>>dave: this is a no win situation for the president. how does he win in this situation? >> when a lot of people say this needs to be libya wars. we can help their rebel beyond but they need to throw out their own leader. if we do, it will look behalfor bad for years to come. they ned to do it. >> if the general is correct in the assessment that the u.s. is going to be perceived as neck other nations will take advantage of that. >> russia, china. >>dave: the next three hours we will tack about this. >> a lot of other things going on. four day hunt for alleged cop killer in georgia is offer. and the man surrendered at the apartment where he was holding four of eight people hostage. the 33-year-old is accused if tuesday's shooting death of an officer christian. he and another officer stopped him to question him of a carjacking and kidnapping and christian was killed as he
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attempted to apprehend hood. >> the crisis in japan continuing to get worse at failing nuclear site. officials say the radiation has contaminated seawater offshore from the complex. radiation in that water now more than 1,000 times the normal level which could mean a ban on seafood, exports from the area. and the crippled plant is causing problems at sea the ocean water is causing problems for the plant. officials say that dumping ocean water on the reactors left a salty residue which is causing corrosion, and the navy now delivering fresh water to help cool the reactors, instead. >> a judge now ordering a mental examination for a man accused of leaving an explosive device outside a federal building in detroit last month. this after he told the court what he was a former president and the governor of california. it was just last week a bomb squad destroyed the device at a
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city park but no one was hurt. >> and we know the name of the air traffic controller who fell asleep on the job forcing two plans to land without clearance at washington's reagan national airport. he is a supervisor. a supervisor? he was the only one there. >> he was on duty during the 9/11 attacks. in light of this, the f.a.a. is requiring radar facilities to help out air traffic controllers who are working alone at night by alerting them if a plane is approaching. alert, alert, alert, guys. you have to do your job. >> he needs stronger coffee. >>clayton: we will hear from a guest who says big unions are mucking it up with the air traffic policy. >> we have not heard that. >> there are a handfulful planes that land during that time, and
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if one opinion cannot do that job we have jobs. and now, we are still waiting on the spring weather. >> we are waiting. you will be waiting for a while. in big changes this week. it will be a cold week across the northern tier of the country with more know there and in the plains and warmer in the south but cooler air across the southeast. this morning we have severe weather, across oklahoma, right around parts of arkansas, and probably with a bit of strong wind waking people up. we have snow across nebraska and some spots will see 4" or 5". by tomorrow, parts of west virginia and the capitol will deal with snow. more heavy mountain snow across northern california, and probably another 3' or 4' when this is done and parts of areas
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around lake tahoe will see 70' of snow. >>dave: i was skiing in a long sleeve shirt in colorado last week. it was great. >> they need water there with the wildfires in colorado. >> when you are in colorado he likes to drive and will spend three hours on the open road. if dave would be taxed at a level under what the c.b.o. is looking at, the government, you pay a gas tax. now the government is considering taxing your impasse -- your gas mileage. the amount of miles he drives according to the little old lady who drive a mile a week to the local grocery store you will be taxed more. we need a flat mileage tax. what do you think? >> here is how it would work. the government would require you to install in your car this
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meter that would measure how far. >> big brother. >> get this the information would be sent to the government, the government could send you a bill. >> this sounds like something china would do. >> this would hurt people who live in rural places, in colorado, in montana, and commuters. >> and the invasion of your privacy now they know where you drive and the time. >> they say this is a more fair approach to the amount of mileage and if you are on the road and spending that amount of time on the road isn't it more fair you would be paying more in taxes than the person -- it is about the people on the road. right. potholes. if you are on the road a lot should you use more. >> not if you drive an, extremely fuel efficient car. you will pay the same as the gas guzzler. >> now hybrid and electric cars are taxed differently. >> fuel efficient cars pay the same. the administration says no way, no chance.
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but we want to hear what you think of taxing your mileage. >> and you should necessity there is in talk of getting rid of the gas tax. so this is in addition to the gas tax that you already are paying. if it does not hurt enough already to pay $4 a gallon. >> is libya the wrong country to focus our military efforts. our guest says yemen and syria should be at top of our list. should be at top of our list. stay tuned. twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a sile sunrise can still be magic.
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>>dave: rumors that u.s. involvement if libya includes boots on the ground despite the promise we would not send troops there. are we focusing on the wrong country? our guest says yeten and syria are a greater threat than libya.
6:16 am
here from london is a terrorism expert. good morning, sir. >> good morning, dave. >> you suggest that yemen and syria oppose a far greater threat to security here in the united states and the entire west. why so? >>guest: well, first of all, you go to libya they have in the done anything on the terrorism front for many years. muammar qaddafi was responsible for lockerbie and supporting the i.r.a. but you look at the modern middle east, and syria is iran's biggest ally in the legion. when the iranian warships want through the suez they went to syria and they support hezbollah. they are a country that is opposed to western interests in the middle east. there is now anti-government protests against the regime in syria and my view is that we should be supporting those anti-government protests rather than people in libya. the same goes for yemen where,
6:17 am
of course, the recent terrorist attacks, including one aimed at chicago, the underpants bomber in detroit, these came from yemen. so if you look quickly at the countries that really are a danger to the west it is yemen and syria. >>dave: 20 protesters were killed on friday and 15 on wednesday but we have allies in both countries. if yemen and syria could fall what could take place if they fall? who would take control? >>guest: well, we know little about these countries as libya. and i think when you look at syria and the regime in power for 40 years, a brutal dictatorship, similar to saddam's dictatorship in neighboring iran, the problem is, these regimes are suppressed the opposition so violently and effectively for four decades
6:18 am
that it is difficult to see where the opposition is coming from. and the same with yemen. and in the back of everyone's mind is the fact that al qaeda is active in both the countries and would love nothing more than to try and make a bid for power but the secularists are challenging the regimes. >>dave: we can presume the president knows this, so, why do you think we are in libya opposed to syria or yemen? anything to do with oil? or why are we there? >>guest: my personal view is we sleepwalked into libya, and there was an uprising against a government, the west put the weight behind the uprising and muammar qaddafi looked to be winning again, there was a we have to do something moment at the u.n. so, now we have a no-fly zone and as you said, we do not have an exit strategy so it is a mess. but the same thing is happening in yemen and syria, 18
6:19 am
government protests, backed by the west, and the regimes are retall aiding, -- retaliating, and why isn't the west doing the same there? >>dave: maybe we will get the answers on monday night when the president speaks to the nation. thank you for joining us from london this morning. coming up, planes are forced to land on their own because of an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. >> so you are aware, the tower is ... not manned. we have made a few phone calls and no one is answering. >> the feds are adding more people to overnight shifts, to curb that problem, and is that the best solution? also, a truck hauling oil catches fire after an accident on major highway and amazingly both drivers walked away. [ giggles ] hey, max.
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>>dave: a few quick headlines, the few possibly foiled a would-be pirate attack in the arabian sea after a distress call that hijacks were trying to hijack a philippine carjack. they fled when navy helicopters arrived. thing out the flames and black smoke from a crash in observe observation. a tanker truck loaded with 8,000 gallons of fuel collided with a car. both drivers escaped serious injury. guys? >> an air traffic controller caught snoozing on the job, this guy now has plenty of time to catch up on his sleep. he has been suspended. and we learn his identity, and
6:24 am
he is a supervisor! he is admitting he dozed off leaving two airplanes to land at washington, dc's reagan national airport without any clearance from the tower. >> the feds are adding more people to the overnight shift to try and curb the problem. is that the best solution? and now the president of the institute for liberty and joins us. andrew, he has been suspended. if it happened to us, if heather was caught sleeping on the couch before "fox and friends" she could be out of a job. he has been suspended. >>guest: it is insane, really, it is underscoring the lack of proper procedures at the f.a.a., hoping the ntsb will look at it. but putting another controller in the tower to essentially act as a snooze guard is not the answer here. >> and this is what the air traffic controllers association said, in the strong commitment to aviation safety, adopted language and the formal
6:25 am
constitution, opposing one person staffing on a shift, that language remains in effect today, and it is unsafe. period. all right. they want to put two period in that tower, and they are reviewing the poll for towers elsewhere, but why do you say not a good idea? >>dave: when you are talking about places like national airport which get a handful of flight between midnight and 6:00 a.m. it does not make a lost sense to put someone else up there. the fact is from a safety perspective you want to put two people in the plane to make sure the plane lands and make sure everyone is in control and they can look at the radar but what needs to happen in the case of washington, dc, figure out why the department of homeland security, why the department of defense, why the reagan national airport police were not notified to go and check on the tower to make sure there was not a more serious situation. putting someone else in the tower not going to take care of those things. we need to make sure the
6:26 am
airspace around washington, dc is safe and the best way to do that is make sure there are proper procedures, proper checks and balances in the area. >> we will get specific on the procedures, because using technology there instead of having a human fact report ... i don't if that will make americans feel safe and you rely on a computer. has your computer crashed? >> putting an alarm clock of there that goes off every hour but in the end, what you can to is, if, what was disturbing is if you listen to the recording from the flight controller, he was almost shrug it off, well, you know, guy is not answering the phone be i don't know what to do. how about calling the police at reagan national to make sure someone has not taken the tower. the idea you can simply put up a second person to act as someone
6:27 am
to nudge someone awake is not the answer. >> thank you, andrew, from the institute for liberty. >> coming up, g.e. makes billions a year but they did not pay a dime in federal taxes last year. shocking. zero. if you have to pay them, why doesn't g.e. have to pay them? >> and parents shocked when the kid does not know the pledge of allegiance? why do not more schools say it each day? >> remember when brett michaels smashed into a set piece, he wants the tony's to pay up. ♪
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>> both sides are complaining that the president did not seek congress' advise before getting involved. you know, the congress that put us into two other wars, presighed over the meltdown, and gave us 10 percent unemployment, gee, i can't understand why he
6:32 am
did not consult with them. >> good point. >> not a bad take. >> welcome back to "fox and friends" and thank you for waking up on saturday morning, and heather is here with us this morning. >>dave: and i am no math major but this does not seem to add up. demade $14 billion last year, $5 billion right here in the united states, how much did they pay in taxes, folks? how much? how much? hundreds of millions, right? nothing. in fact, they got money back from the government, a whole budge of it, $3 billion back from the government in taxes. >> remember this, we bailed them out through tarp, through the tarp program, g.e. got a big pile of cash. >> it pays to have loop hopes. and last night on o'reilly, our guest explained how g.e. did it. take a listen. >> it is what i call nontaxation through extraordinary aggressive
6:33 am
representation that has to be bought. and, by the way, corporate america, bill, buys with $4 billion a year, representation that you and me and our fellow citizens cannot buy in washington, dc. and the result is a tax system that permits g.e. to bok its profits and look them offshore and not what is called repatriate, bring them back to the united states no matter where the profits are made and that is what is happening here. >> if i have an offshore haven and put my money in there and did not do the with holding they would throw me in jail. >> that is why it is important to buy the loopholes. >> and we buy loopholes? wouldn't small business love the same benefits that the large corporations get? "fox and friends".com and you can e-mail us. >> who is do blame, people from the treasury and the i.r.s. and congress working for them, is it
6:34 am
the u.s. government fault or the fault of g.e.? >> the president is good buddy with the head of g.e. and the president does a lot of talking up of american companies, in play, g.e. so he is helping g.e. to make some money, to get deals. >> and they fine the loophole through their lobbying efforts, they concrete the loopholes, it is not as if they are discovering them, they are creating them much let us know what you think. day dave you will not that to solve the budget issues we have in congress, budget negotiations at a standstill this morning on hill. we have until april 8th to avoid another government shut down if the two sides can not agree on a budget. >> and peter is follow this in washington. and now the details. >> good morning, heather. it has been a while science you have heard threat of a government shut down but it is that time again because democrats and republicans have in the agreed on a budget for the rest of this fiscal year and the government runs out of money
6:35 am
as dave said april 8th. so that is the deadline and it does not appear likely that democrats are at president would sign off on the $61 billion worth of cuts passed by the republican-controlled house. and speaker of the house of representatives said the reason talks have not gone anywhere is democrats can not get on the same page. saying "many questions remain, starting with cutting and spending and keeping the government running, where are washington democrats. if they have a plan, what is it? if they dope have a plan are they going to shut down the government." the status quo is unacceptable. and chuck schumer says boehner is the problem. he says the speaker knows his problem is with the tea party not democrats instead of lashing out a democrats we hope house republicans will finally stand
6:36 am
up to the tea party and resume the negotiations that have seemed so full of promise." so, for a shutdown to be avoided lawmakers need to get back to washington. they have been in recess. and agree on something. and physically write up a complicated legislation, and get it through both hows and get the president to sign it by april 8 which is the friday after next. back to you. that is a tall order and lots to work on. and now a look at the rest of the headlines. new reports show that an indiana teen accused of shooting a classmate may have sent a warning on face book posting on the face book page "today is the day," and that was moments before he went to a school with a gun and shot jackson in the stock market an and -- jackson in the stomach and jackson is in the hospital. >> a woman brain damaged during
6:37 am
child birth has been granted temporary visitation rights in a landmark case, a judge ruled that the woman can see her four-year-old triplets for five days each summer at the home where her manies care for her. the ex-husband tried to stop the visits saying the mother's condition could have a hard. impact on the children. >> confuse in wisconsin over where the law cracking down on unions tabs effect today. the law was published online and laws normally take effect a day after publication but opponents say that is not the case here, saying the law is under a temporary restraining order which blocks it from being implemented into court challenges are resolved. an appeals court busted up, and state court may now take up the issue but we see and then this, tony awards accident, comes back to haunt the network. he was hurt by a piece of
6:38 am
scenery. look at this. was that it? all eight was not supposed to happen. all it looks like that was as part of the stage show and he is suing the network and the organizers saying that it contributed to a brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him and the suit claim he still deals with the effects from the injury and the show could have prevented this from airing but chose not to and he posted the picture back in june of 2009 of the split up lip and his broken nose. and now we will get that off the screen. >> if you went to bed early, you missed and good basketball. it was outstanding as we cut down total least 8 last night. number one, overall, ohio state taking on four seed kentucky and gamed tied at 60, and knight
6:39 am
takes to the floor and ohio, a last shot, and william has a three-point try and off the rim and kentucky pulling off a huge upset. they are still partying in lexington, 62-60, shred your brackets, duck buy fan -- buckeye fans. you are done. and north carolina facing off against marquette, and the tar heels, crushed marquette. marquette does not she up, 40-15 at the half. because of a 32-5 north carolina run. it was ugly. north carolina on to the east region final on sunday. today you have a couple of games. in san antonio, number one, kansas taking on richmond. the jayhawks were able to avoid the fate of the other number one seed and cruised beyond and 77-57 and the only number one
6:40 am
seed remaining, and most of us had all number one seeds in the final four and in the southwest bracket, number one, florida state stating on virginia commonwealth, the first time a ten and 11 meeting to go to the elite eight. in overtime, bradford makes the lay up with seconds to go and vcu hangs on 72-71 and florida state had a shot to win this with just a few seconds remaining, and a great job at vcu. >> so kansas wins it all? a north carolina is looking awfully good, but, yes, i think kansas is playing the best basketball. >> kansas, you heard it here first. >> and now, look at the radar, severe weather this morning across arkansas, and texas and oklahoma firing up later on in the day and you see the snow across parts of nebraska and
6:41 am
heavy rain and snow across california and i said over 50 feet feet of snow, 744" is how much fall has fallen across this area, 62' of snow before the snow from the last couple of days. incredible ski season and the resorts are getting reports they extend the season. winter storm advisory across nebraska, south dakota and missouri, and st. louis, at 4" or 5" of snow, and severe weather threat today, parts of the deep south again dealing with the threat for a few tornadoes and some hail, and strong winds as the storms move through. and now today, you can see the warmth across the south but the scold there in the north and a lot of areas across the far northern plains are dealing with temperatures around 15- to 20-degrees below average and it looks like it will stay that way unfortunately for the next number of days.
6:42 am
>> there is basketball, and we can stay inside. >> the president's health care reform law just saw first anniversary, but polls show that a growing number of americans want to low it out. congressman steve king on how he is trying to get rid of obamacare. stay tuned. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to he of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurce...
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easy? easy. great. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. >> welcome back to friend friend, a year since the start of the health care plan and the opposition is growing. a poll found that the 62 percent of americans want law repealed. 33 percent support the law. the g.o.p. hope to use this to
6:46 am
repeal the law. and iowa republican congressman king joins us from des moines leading the charge. nice to see you, congressman. nice to see you. and nice to be here. we will get you a monitor next time. you are saying now is the time to work on rolling this back. why now? some say you do not have the votes, so, now does not seem like the right time. >>guest: well, you have to fight the battle when you have the chance. we have the maximum leverage now, the continuing resolution that functions government for the fiscal year is the highest leverage. i put the language on that continuing resolution that says that no funds in the bill and no funds previously appropriated shad be used to implement or enforce obamacare and we need to put the president in a position to make a decision on whether he
6:47 am
would shut down all functions of government in order to preserve obamacare or whether he would accept the idea that it is unconstitutional and america has rejected it and keeping the government functioning is the right thing to do. >> so this amendment would rollback over $105 billion in the proposals basically defunding but many argue this is not the way to go and some say if you defund it it is sort of like having a ship, getting rid of the deck shares, cutting out the guts of it but the ship is going to sail. >>guest: i am happy to sink the vote, you know, but we have to do what we can do in the resources we have. we have passed the repeal of obamacare, and we sent that to the president and harry reid took it up to vote it down and now we need to shut off the funding, the automatically implemented funding, a deceptive way to legislate, if we shut off funding the way they shut off funding to the vietnam war and
6:48 am
under a continuing resolution similar to this one, nothing happens to implement it and then we must win the presidency in 2012 and ask the president to sign the repeal. i want that to happen on january 20 of 2013 after the spot sworn into office. >> you are at the conservingive principals conference. what do you hope to accomplish and what will we hear in iowa today? we will talk about american exceptionalism. and the underpinnings such as christianity, free enterprise capital im, western civilization, those things that come together to make america the unchallenged greatest nation in the world, and a subject that will come up is the repeal of obamacare, tactics we will use and measure the commit must the- commitment of the presidential candidates and the future of america, and i am hopeful we will hear from multiple presidential candidates today that they will define for us, their vision of american
6:49 am
destiny. i have not heard enough of that and i loom looking forward to the day. >>clayton: we will play that on "fox and friends" this weekend. thank you for joining us representative king from des moines bright and early. >> some states want to tax big corporations, and a company, in illinois, caterpillar, who employs thousands, is ready to leave that state. could this happen in other states? and the pledge of allegiance is mandated in several states and public schools so why are a number of large schools not having kids say it after all? introducing the thunderbolt by htc.
6:50 am
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>> and now, a high ranking homeland security official has been suspended as a federal grand jury probes allegations that he lied about being a college graduate. the man held a security clearance and was in charge of dozens offing as in the immigration and customs and enforcement los angeles act. he insists he graduated from a california community college. >> smashing surveillance camera and painting obscenities on the wall is some of the $90,000 in damage done to a florida school by students. they were there from continue different break-ins during spring break. so far they have arrested 12 people. >> and now the headlines. heather? >> parents are going to want to listen to this. states and cities are mandated the pledge of allegiance in public schools but many schools are skipping it. this is a new york family shocked to learn their daughter did not recognize the pledge of allegiance when she her it on
6:54 am
television, she said, mom, what is that? >> can you believe that? >> the board of education member joins us from richmond, virginia, good morning. so, 43 states have laws that say you have to read the pledge of allegiance, but it is voluntary for the students. why is it not being read in most schools? why do they not know what it is? >> well, the sad thing in our society is it is become politically correct to bash america, to think that we as a society cause problems in the world, and, instead of fostering the spirit of patriotism, and focusing on what unifies us instead of what divides us, you look look at "out of many, one," that makes our country great. we need to look at the uniqueness of our country, we do not have a distinct nationality
6:55 am
and we are bound together by common beliefs and framework of government. >> what kicked this off, is the new york state department of education coming out with a statement "there is a state law in the federal code for the saying of the pledge and we expect our schools to conduct this and if we hear someone does not do it we address it and there is an opt out for those who do not want to recite the pledge and they are asked to sit while the pledge is recited." one parent in the new york area said that new york is a diverse area and they did not want kids to feel uncertain of themselves if they were from different countries. this is an issue that is going on all across the country and isn't part of being an america assimilating into the society here? >>guest: absolutely. and that is what i am saying, we have lost the idea of this, we are a melting pot.
6:56 am
we do not have a distinct national identity in a traditional sense. the principles that bind us together are that we are members because we believe in the government, of a republic preserving our liberties. and the pledge of allegiance simply underscores, and reaffirms our commitment to that and it focuses on what binds us together in unity as members, instead of focusing on our differences. >> thank you from texas state board of education we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thank you, my pleasure. >> campaign calm for 2012 heating up but with unrest, will lawmakers forget the issue of jobs? lots of folks still do not have employment. >> new details of murder suspect who lied about his motive in the death of adown peru woman at the top of the hour.
6:57 am
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